Navigating the home buying process...

Are you a first time home buyer looking to purchase a starter home in Coconut Grove? Need to expand to something bigger in Coral Gables? Is it finally time to purchase that investment property in the Brickell area? If so, here are some initial questions we may have to answer!!

  1. As a first time home buyer I have many questions, can you answer all of them?
  2. I don't want to overpay for my property and insist that it is in good condition. What protections do I have?
  3. How would I benefit from using your company?
Let's consult before buying your Coconut Grove condo

The Consultation

Having a proper consultation is imperative when going through the buying process. For first time buyers it means teaching you the "flow of the sales contract" so you understand how the process unfolds. If you're transitioning into something bigger then it's understanding what your needs are going forward to prevent having to "up-size" again. If you're an investor, we need to make sure you get into a sound investment that does not "eat away your profits" due to poor property management or having to do constant repairs.

Inspecting your Coconut Grove home

The Inspection & Appraisal

Once under contract, we will request a Sellers Property Disclosure Statement from the listing agent. Florida law requires all sellers to disclose any problems that may materially affect the value of the property you are buying. We will also have an inspection done on the property from a licensed property inspector in order to ascertain the "health" of the property. You will receive an indepth report within 2-3 days of the inspection. If you're financing the property, your lending institution will have an appraisal done to ensure you are not overpaying for the property!!

Experience selling your Coconut Grove home

You will be in good hands...

We have a specialized "thought process" when helping buyers purchase a property. It's quite easy to understand and is not intricate by any means. It's simply a way "we think" when helping you choose the right property. It is a set of questions we ask and answer to ensure we are making the right move. This way of thinking only comes from experience.

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