Preparing your Coconut Grove home visually for sale

Preparing your home visually for presentation!!

Once we secure a listing agreement to sell your home, the following services will be provided to you at no charge!!

Professional Photos

Once you feel your home is ready, we will have professional photos taken. These photos will be of high quality resolution and will display the true essence and character of your home. Should the home be vacant, we can then use the photos (if you choose) for our virtual staging services. The four photos below are from a 2 bedroom I sold at DaVinci Condominium in Coral Gables last year!!  

Virtual Staging

Once we have photos taken of your home, we can have them visually enhanced thorough the virtual staging process. This will provide a visual to buyers of what the space would look like with furniture in it. Buyers will be more inclined to secure a showing for the property after visualizing themselves - sitting on the couch or at the dining table we have created for them. The four photos below are same four pictures from above. 

Day to Dusk Photography

This service gives potential buyers the opportunity to see what the home & property would look like once the sun starts to set. We all know how beautiful the sky gets in the late afternoon, why not create this visual for them? We consider this one of the most important pictures by the way!!

Virtual Remodeling

In situations where your home may need a visual "upgrade", we can create this for potential buyers through the virtual remodeling process!! It can be as easy as changing out the flooring in the living area to painting a bathroom wall. These photos will be on display in the home during open houses and showings so that buyers could see the potential of a property or any of it's "spaces". For the second picture below I chose an ash plank flooring and light blue tones on the walls. This setup would look great with white contemporary furniture (for example).

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