Before we sell.....

The pre-listing process is quite easy once we have a few questions answered. We will ensure that you are well versed on all aspects of the selling process to eliminate any surprises that may pop up. Here are a few questions we will need to address prior to listing your home for sale:

  1. Are you willing to list your property for sale based on comparable properties in your area and current market conditions?
  2. What is the visual condition of your property and what do we need to do to get it ready for sale?
  3. Is Grove Town Properties the right company to get the job done?
Pricing your Coconut Grove home correctly

Pricing it right by understanding market conditions....

Homes that are priced correctly will attract that most amount of showings and interests from potential buyers. We want to create that "buzz" for your property that gives us an opportunity to attract multiple offers and better leverage when negotiating. Having a full understating of the current market conditions in your areas is imperative and something we will discuss!! 

Preparing your Coconut Grove home visually for sale

Preparing the home for visual presentation...

Grove Town Properties will provide to you - at no charge - professional photography and staging (virtual) services. By enhancing the visual, we will attempt to bring to life the full potential and character of your home. Please click HERE to find out more about our services!!   

Experience selling your Coconut Grove home

Experience when it counts...

Over 24 years of real estate experience in the Miami market speaks volumes in our opinion. Our ability to build personal relationships allows for doors to constantly open up - not only for us - but for our customers as well. We consider ourselves "boutique" in nature. This allows us to think outside the box when need to. We do not need to "call the corporate office" to get something done. We simply do it quickly and with confidence. These quick actions, in our opinion, speed up the process of getting us to the closing table.

Home Valuation Form