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Helping sellers sell in Coconut Grove, FL

Helping sellers sell...

Sellers are looking for three things – qualified buyers with good credit, looking to close as soon as possible!! We will ensure that every offer submitted to us on your home, condo, town house, or investment property is accompanied with a pre-qualification letter from the buyer’s lending source. We will also ensure that all contract dates where the buyer has to perform certain duties are met on time with no delay. An example of this would be to make sure that the buyer applies for financing within the time frame agreed upon on the sales contract, normally within 3-5 days from the effective date. Please click HERE for more info!!

Virtually staged bedroom at Da Vinci Condominium

Preparing your home visually for presentation...

Unfortunately, most agents rely on their I-Phone to take pictures of your property for the MLS - this is a no-no!! We will ensure that your home looks visually at its best prior to listing it for sale. This will ensure the most amount of showing requests from potential buyers & other realtors!! If your home already looks great then good. If not, we have the resources and tools to create a picture for your home that will leave a lasting impression!! From professional photography to virtual staging, we will have a product that looks great in the end and proud to showcase!! Please click HERE for more info!! 

Helping buyers buy in Coconut Grove, FL

Helping buyers buy...

The accumulation of office listings has always been the life blood of the real estate industry. Once an agent has a seller's listing, their job is to get the best price and terms for the seller, not the buyer!! If you’re working with us to purchase a single family home, condo or investment property it’s our job to get the best price and terms for you!! If you're a first time home buyer, our free consultation will include a full understanding of the buying process from your first deposit to closing day. We will also provide you with a few inspection companies for you to choose from to ensure that the property you are buying is in working condition!! Please click HERE for more info!!   

Condominium in Coconut Grove for rent

The rental process perfected...

We get mixed feelings here at GTP when processing the rental side of the business with other realtors. Some like doing them and some don't. We get it though, at times the commission dollars are not satisfying enough with the work that goes into them. That's great for us because, we embrace them!! We look at it as a niche in our industry and have actually perfected the process to make them as easy as possible. Our ability to properly articulate the major points of a rental transaction allows for almost a 0% void ratio....not a typo either!! Let us show you how easy it is!! Please click HERE for more info!! 

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